ZMA Muscle

Scientists have suggested that between the lack of these minerals and decrease testosterone is a causal relationship. And they began to 'feed' athlete of zinc and magnesium salts. What do you think? The secretion of testosterone back to normal soon! That's how the light appeared a special supplement ZMA (ZMA), containing zinc and monomethionine aspartate magnesium. Originally supposed to use it in order to prevent reduction of hormone secretion in professional athletes. The first supplement under the supervision of physicians experimented players. And it turned out, that really raises ZMA muscle strength. All study participants have added power to control the result of the exercises – flexion and extension of the legs. Trying to understand the reason for this unexpected phenomenon, physicians found that all the players who took ZMA, testosterone levels were above the natural rate! It turns out that actually stimulates the increase of additive hormonal secretion! Moreover, later researchers discovered that along with testosterone increases the secretion of another and no less important for muscle growth hormone – IGP-1! In general, we can safely recommend ZMA bodybuilders.

It should be emphasized that the addition of today took its place in the arsenal professional bodybuilding along with creatine and whey protein. Professional in one voice say that really raises a lot of ZMA! Dosage: three capsules at night, drink plenty of water. Additive effect almost immediately. It has a soothing and even soporific effect, so take it during the day or before a workout is not worth it. Creatine monohydrate What creatine monohydrate improves muscle power, conclusively proven by science. As a result, you train harder and longer than usual.

Hence the gain in weight is taken. But now scientists say that creatine – is a direct stimulant of muscle growth. Under the influence creatine muscle cells collect water and grow in size. This inevitably leads to a thickening of the muscle fibers.

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