West Siberian

The November afternoon at the veterinary station Borisov almost hopeless condition was brought to 4.5-year-old West Siberian husky named Ike. Diagnosis was disappointing: deep cut wounds on his side, breaking the abdominal wall with prolapse and rupture of the small intestine, the gap (and eating), part of the intestine, due to strong painful shock It began with that husky, smelling the smell of blood was continuously inflict painful bite and boar a little carried away. Release of artificial traps was not, and finish off the beast and help the dog, too, does not work. Clearly, that advantage quickly shifted to the boar, whose sharp as a razor fangs not only ripped the skin and soft tissues of the dog, and also any moment could turn even the strongest bones in tatters. Fierce bill hooks sometimes do not yield in a fight a bear or a tiger, but here – a dog. Nevertheless, ignoring the danger to the furious insidious beast and trying to save his beloved dog, the owner caught the moment and accurate shot packed boar felling. It seemed that it was too late.

But still wanted to save a dog from a seemingly imminent death. Usually in such cases Many hunters in order to stop animal suffering, resorted to extreme measures. This case showed that the chance is always there. Approximately forty minutes later the whole rugged and bloody dog was lying on the operating table the surgeon Vadim apiary. After he says: almost no chance of rescue huskies was not.

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