How to be completely well supplied also without meat protein, Eisen and co. For Brad Pitt, there is no steak and no chicken wings on a dish at lunch. Madonna and Paul McCartney are longtime vegetarians; even action star Jean-Claude van Damme forgoes meat for years. But not only among the stars, but also in the general population of the Western industrialized nations the vegetarian way of life is no more exotic fringes. Although an omnivore – related including meat and fish – way of life still by far is most common, there were 2006 around 6 million vegetarians, tendency in Germany alone in the year rising. Most of them decide at some point of their lives against the consumption of fried chicken, salami and ham for ethical reasons. Now it is more in the restaurant or on travel in general no problem, to get vegetarian food.

Vegetarianism unhealthy? Yet the skepticism of friends, partner or family to the part is still great: can that be because healthy? Are there any nutrients missing? Do vegetarians have not always iron deficiency? What is a protein? It now clearly all clear can be given from a dietary perspective: who eat balanced, fresh and varied, have no concerns. A majority of vegetarians lives even healthier than many omnivore average, because they put more value on fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber. A lack of iron actually does occasionally happen, especially for young women – but not significantly more frequently than people who eat meat. This deficiency can be compensated well by eating certain foods or dietary supplements. Animal and vegetable proteins are suitable to ensure a proper supply of proteins, on the one hand, foods of animal origin such as cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products, eggs. But also allergy-free and vegan – so people who give up all animal products – can provide quite an adequate protein supply. To do this the consumption of various legumes and soy products, but also some grain and vegetables which contain the high-quality vegetable protein. More information on the topic of vegetarians and protein can see… to be read.

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