Vegetarian Diet

The pregnancy is one of the most important and transcendental stages in the life of a woman, a new life begins to form within her, which will bring about a series of changes at physical level, hormonal and psychological. The cares that must have the pregnant woman in this stage are several, not only at psychological level but also at nutritional level, since everything what eats will influence not only in its health, but also in the one of its baby. He has been spoken much about the vegetarian diet and if he is recommendable or not in the pregnancy, some critics indicate that he does not contribute the sufficient nutrients so that the fetus is normally developed, because origin proteins do not interfere animal, which also repels in the milk production of the mother. Nevertheless many specialists and experts in nutrition, among them the American Association of Dietetic (SHE ACCEPTS) argue that a vegetarian diet suitably planned, is equal of recommendable that a diet that includes meats. The vegetarian diet is that one that is focused to ingest foods like fruits, vegetables, vegetables and cereals, leaving the meat and the fish totally outside the daily menu. Within the vegetarianism different types exist: Diet vegana (vegetarian strict): Any food is not consumed that comes from the animal.

Vegetarian diet lacto: Here if foods derived from milky ones are consumed. Vegetarian diet ovo: Here if eggs but not derived from milky ones are consumed. Vegetarian diet ovo lacto: Here, besides the vegetable diets, eggs also interfere milky like cheeses and. Most well-known and it is extended in Europe. During the gestation the pregnant woman some nutrients like proteins, the iron are needed, calcium, folic acid and vitamins D and B12, that are present in vegetables and vegetables, although another option, less natural, would be to use some vitaminic supplements. The key is in the intelligent combination of foods at the time of eating and the scheduled inspections.

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