Varicose Veins Identify

Remove varicose veins by stripping or Veroden varicose veins (varicose) are a widespread problem. The swollen veins occur mostly on the legs and in the pelvic area. Approximately 60% of adult Germans suffer from venous diseases, half of them under varicose veins. Mainly women suffer from varicose, since your connective tissue stretch than that of men. Cause of varicose veins varicose veins can occur, for example, a hereditary Bindegewebsschwache or overweight. Also predominantly standing or sedentary work, and taking the pill\”can promote varicose veins. A distinction between primary and secondary varicose veins. Primary varicose veins are characterized by the fact that the blood flow only in the visible vein system is impaired.

This is the most common form of varicose veins. It is relatively harmless and can be well treated. Speaking of secondary varicose veins when the blood flowing normally through the deeper veins, due to blood clots or debris in the Vessel wall must flow through the surface veins. The varicose veins here due to the large amount of blood, which cannot withstand the veins. Prevent varicose veins and handle to prevent varicose veins, it is advisable, to engage in sports and gymnastics. Tights can also relieve the veins and thus prevent varicose veins. Also venous tonic means can be attacked preemptively. Also the legs should be set high as often as possible, to relax the veins.

Continue, obesity should be avoided. Also smoking can lead to varicose veins and should be restricted. Should already varicose veins be seen, these can be treated with compression stockings.In some cases, varicose veins must be treated surgically to prevent, for example, thrombosis. The most common method is the so-called stripping\”. This be the varicose veins with a probe from the skin. At the Kross mastectomy varicose veins are cut, preventing a return of blood will. You can thereby also deserted varicose veins. This injected salt water in the affected veins, causing the vessels are sealed. This avoids the blood stream on the healthy veins and the affected veins are removed from the body. On the page you will find information about. Also the possibility to make an appointment and deserted his varicose veins themselves is for those affected. More therapy focuses on depression, pain therapy and birth preparation.

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