Use Time

This reality if established thanks to the feminine subordination to a relationship model where the man governs the affective and sexual relation, as well as that the fence: meanings, values, obligations and papers. Each time more feminine lives are lost thus, with this history of relative unconditional love to the partner and total love absence. More than what a supposed philosophical, antropolgica or ontolgica question, crei that ahead to the presented numbers, the low auto feminine care, is about a problem of public health. Each time bigger investment in programs of treatment of milky anti-retrovirais and suppliments to just-been born and the soropositivas mothers, confirm this. The main fear of the soropositivas women is to be judged, what backwards as consequences the discriminations and preconceptions. This fear if relates mainly with the lack of knowledge about the transmission ways them illnesses. This situation affects the social life of these women as for example in the family, work, group of friends and others. According to Galvo et all: The knowledge and the use of the contraceptive one for the Brazilian woman are another item that has excited ample quarrels in recent years, enclosing since social aspects, as inaquality of rights, financial chances and resources, until politicians, a time that the attention programs the feminine health have not been effectively implemented. Also, if it does not know, at the current moment in the program of Attention the Health of the woman, any proposal innovative on this subject for the carriers of HIV.As orientaes that receive during mobilization for distribution of condoms says respect to the use to prevent the propagation of DST/AIDS, and not as measured of contracepo. Biotica and infection for HIV: According to Sgreccia, 2002: The fact is well-known of that some illnesses exert damages to the physical health not only, but also a species of deep disturbance in psique excites certain golden of fear and bigger imagination that its nosolgica reality.

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