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IV. final remarks the historic M & A activity in the logistics sector was on the one hand characterised by the consolidation efforts of the global market leader, which included large merger as well as small-scale acquisitions and on the other hand some investment by financial investors in strong, rather small niche player. By the generally relatively low level of profitability in the sector and the synergies to be achieved as a driving motive in transactions between companies, often, private equity transactions in Europe historically played a relatively minor role. While in the United States a significantly higher number of logistics transactions by financial investors can be found, were This in Europe more in the fields of the distributors and single, strong transportation niche players actively, but usually not involved in industry-changing transactions. A rapprochement of the North American market for European assessment levels can however be observed what a higher involvement of financial investors in sector transactions can be expected for some time.

In addition the tendency to pending sales by investors for emerging Brenntag, IFCO, and the expected CEVA exit through Apollo clearly, aimed particularly at the capital market and strategic investors as a target group. \”Especially after the recovery of global trade flows, the continuing outsourcing trend and advancing globalization of the sector in the future will remain dynamic and also by investors as the backbone\” of the economy more are taken for acquisitions in the eye. The improved availability of foreign capital will continue to support this trend. Strategic investors on the other side are due to the still prevailing fragmentation of the market and of the internal growth efforts continue to selectively search for suitable target companies, to expand its standing offer to customers or to optimize.

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