Ultrasonic Cavitation

Beauty lounge at Munich liberty guaranteed success from the outset. Cosmetic Institute, who work with devices from the company medical & beauty are for holistic treatment concepts in terms of beauty and well-being on the latest of cosmetic and medical technology. For the customers in the beauty lounge means: At the beginning of each treatment a comprehensive consultation takes place first. Together with the customer or the customer with individual needs and treatment methods are discussed and covered mainly the physical state. Important criteria are in the so called body Mass index, which describes the relationship between body size and weight, as well as the bioelectric impedance analysis, a method for the measurement and calculation of body composition for the trained beautician. This procedure provides information about how much fat, water and muscle mass is a human body. Until then, the treatment methods is set.

Ultrasound can destroy fat cells in MedContour, a medical device is treating classical problem zone of our industrial society such as belly, butt, hip or thigh, to the application. This is a certified approved medical device bearing the CE mark 0476 and a subsequent 4-digit number. Only then you can be sure to be treated by an approved device. MedContour works with focused ultrasound. Be treated so that the affected areas of the body, the programmed ultrasonic frequencies act as so-called cavitation. This means that ultrasound microscopic, which, once they reach a certain size, to coincide with bubbles in the fabric. The resulting blast destroyed only the cell walls of the fat cells and literally dissolves them.

The remaining tissue and also skin and blood vessels are not injured in this treatment. The advantages of this method are obvious: the application runs smoothly and gently, and the customer can immediately follow his usual occupation without physical disabilities. Judiciously complemented by a dietician and lymphatic drainage this gentle method is already being referred to as an alternative to surgical liposuction, now with over 2,000 women and men in Germany has been applied. Of course, the treatment with MedContour replaced not a healthy diet with sufficient movement. Therefore, the applications are not suited to treat chronic overweight to morbid obesity. Medical & beauty professional perspectives the profession of beautician has changed: in addition to a perfect makeup knowledge in the application of medical and technical equipment in the foreground are today increasingly. Innovative treatment methods are always in the hands of qualified personnel and require ongoing training. Medical & beauty have recognized this development. Therefore, they offer not only holistic concepts for its customers in their cosmetic institutes, but provide also customized Device solutions, perfect training systems and proven marketing strategies for beauticians. You can make independently on the basis of the tried and tested concept as Lipologin and use the entire know-how of medical & beauty. For the beautician on the way to the own Institute, which guarantees professional success from the outset.

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