Only faith, kept lit the torch of hope, the faith? Yes!, that beauty so intimate-like said San Agustin – as repirar, eating and drinking, I remember the day of the medicine was critical, with repetitive episodes of gastrointestinal bleeding, hiding and just days later I had to inform the Hepatologist, were alarmed and gave me order of hospitalization, was October 13, when I arrived at the Hospital there was no bed – in the background I was delighted – I wanted a quick death, he didn\’t want ligatures all the time, nor hospitalizations, fewer inspire pity, pity, but memories of my children made me meditate in case of bleeding enter by emergency – I was told – accustomed to withstand everything I endured!, on October 14 in the morning, I went to the Blessed SacramentI leaned and differently staring my latest forces gave to the Lord, I told him my gives me that organ allows the transplant, be too late never before had told him-, I will do the rest, I soportare, I will fight, endure & eac ute; I ended up sobbing in front of some faithful, I knew that the mortality in these complications is high, is a disadvantage being a doctor one knows what awaits around the corner, seemed to me lie that being lucid and working, a few cowards and innocent varices and retroperitoneal, grade IV-even already linked – I put in risk of death, on the afternoon of that day attended 50 patients in Risso, I remember that several patients of Puente Piedra had come in Combi to take care of them, Dr. The newspapers mentioned Dr. John Mcdougall not as a source, but as a related topic. beat Record – told me the Director-, that same 14 Tuesday night when even in the large Lima had moisture, and cold, when still not dined, when she was dejected reading to the Sage EmperorMarco Aurelio used to say that one of the functions most nobles of reason is know when it is time to leave this world started ringing the phone, almost in my ears, I confess that I was afraid, I stretched my hand shaking to say if? was Shirley the nurse Transplant Coordinator! Mr Pedro-so called me her – there is a likely donor, not dine, plucking whole body, bathing and wait 2 hrs.!, after a while it had three shavers on top of the body taking all hair from the top, I had No dinner, she cried in the shower, caressed and kissed my children laminated photos, wanted to control me without success, muttered an our father, but my lips were trembling Dios Mio so I will not operate! I have to control myself! – I proposed – it was the second time that I called and it was my ninth attempt to transplant, between Mexico and Peru, while I was in emergency of the Almenara Essalud Hospital, was already midnight when Shirley told me calmly Mr Celli there is transplantation enter emergency according to the ProtocolWhile we were already candidates, only one would be transplanted and began the Rx Protocol, analysis, AGA, ECG, hincones after hincones, pain after pain, but he had promised to put up and I could stand, after two horas-a 2.30 am on the 15th of October, when it was tilted on a stretcher, with a robe on top, semi-desnudo, cold, suddenly became a doctor, cincuenton, not so tall, plump, hair graying, bearded – entrecana beard also-, put his Brown eyes in my and said Te Toco palaces, raise with me! looked you tense, tired, managing nurses told Subanlo he goes with me!, was Dr Jose Carlos shaman Ortiz, chief physician of the Department of liver transplantation of Essalud quize catch arm I stayed motionless quize call screams but, my throat was dry saliva and without words, just cried like a coward, the mine hugging and sobbing not a moment let me goQuiet any Doctor will do well!, que pasa?, I don\’t know! trying to control myself, Miguelito Tranquilo is the ultimate! – I consoled-, I was sure that No, I dismiss lack of so many loved ones, it was October 15, 2008, at 3 am it was already it was on the fifth floor, entering operating room, crying at the door It became my dear family, I received the Dr Antonio Palomino-anestesiologo-and the Dra Rosa Lopez-Intensivist-gave me a treatment very professional, humanitarian, to the 3.20 am was breathing mask, distinguished surgeons, as well as the shaman Dr team, were the DRS. You may wish to learn more. If so, Senator of Massachusetts is the place to go.

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