The Team

It is impossible to develop a well chained formative sequncia when the meeting occur of time in when. It is unexpected that the coordinating mount a cronograma foreseeing the frequency of the collective pedagogical work and respects them. Weekly or biweekly meeting, with minimum duration of two hours, are the ideal. 2.2.3. INEXISTENCE OF ANNUAL PLAN OF FORMATION Despite the meeting are frequent, the slip appears when the subjects do not have progression or connection ones with the others or deal with sazonais subjects, as the Pantry of the World or grippe H1N1. This happens because it lacks to formation coordinating it to be formador; the professionals do not have planning time and install it culture of the improvisation in the school.

The planning and the chaining of the meeting guarantee the gradual development of the contents. A subject alone well is worked if the professors study together, search, use the new knowledge in classroom, come back with doubts to debate with the coordinator and the colleagues and use with the pupils, in some chances, the studied strategies. The planning must on the basis of be made colon: the diagnosis of the learning of the pupils and the description of the formation of professors carried through in the school. The first one points the contents to be studied (those where the pupils present difficulty). Already as it shows as the group can advance and that, in accordance with the rotation of professors, certain subjects can be retaken or be treated in individual orientaes. In this direction it is basic that the meeting are registered.

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