The Real Ecological Housing

Much has been said regarding sustainable and self-sustaining homes. Sustainability according to the World Commission on environment and development of the United Nations, the ability to use all the resources of our environment today is possible without affecting those who will be our future generations. In today\’s world, this premise seems to escape from the general understanding of the Nations and countries since policies ecological (such as the word says) are embedded in the policy, and therefore; they lack visions Commons which respect equal ecological socialism. It seems that the topic of Rev is inserted into desktops and discussions of the most varied indoles. Our environment today is victim not only from taking advantage of the existing, (indiscriminate logging, use of resources, mining and tailings etc) but that we are also guilty of our mistakes by omission, given that there are side effects as the overproduction of plastic and glass, scarce policies of recycled fermenting in Chile access to composed of metallic materials or e-waste technologies existing in batteries and cell phones that have frankly become to be eternal. Housing is where dwell. A House is which provides us with a space suitable for sheltering us, and isolate ourselves from a hostile weather.Thousands of years ago the man did in caves.

In those years gave to the inhabitant two essential elements, insulation to weather extremes and limit; the edge between inside and outside necessary for protection and life Intima.como beings human we need to relate to others, so the cities provide us with necessary services and they give us the relationship macro with our planet, however we need to develop ourselves along with our indoor to accommodate our rites and customs. Today these two points esccenciales have been lost in the standardization of dwellings given that today the relations seem to be endless.Some architects say that may be an evolutionary response according to the different modes of inhabiting. I tell them that as well as the cave man must be hidden from our environment. Our planet should not see us. Live organically can be made in many ways. We are not a group that wishes to impose new ways of doing it, if we want to raise new ideas regarding our architectural elements to reduce environmental impact and to make maximum use of resources that have always been at our disposal such as the sil and the wind. Self-sustaining housing does not exist, given that the trash and debris are elements inherent to our way of living, however; our planet is susceptible to any minimal effort we make. Our effort is to change the mentality of life by changing your immediate environment. Today we are designing prototypes designed on the foregoing collection and soon on our web site we will have proposals not only as traditional ecological houses they today flooded internet which are effective solutions for saving, garbage and recycling.

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