The Mind

The secret is that the reality that one sees on the outside isn\’t objective! And it can be affected and is in fact affected constantly. Just like the Earth that moves and rotates in the universe even though that seems stable and undisturbed. Conscious manifestations, there is where you decide to bring existence, either what you want your life steps to be followed to apply the law of attraction 1 – take control, be aware that we can influence the reality with what we think 2 – Relajarse and clear your mind 3 – impress your subconscious – called emotional impact 4 – submit your wish to the universe the simplicity of these steps makes often dismiss their effectiveness. The way in which applique these steps will make the difference between effectiveness and nothingness. 1 you must learn to control your conscious mind, there is your worst enemy, ourselves through our conscious programming us auto boycotted. Is important that controls your thoughts and your words.

This means what you think of yourself and what you say. 2 seeks to muscle relaxation, why acounsel perform visualization and gratitude in the morning just one wakes, there is greater penetration in the subconscious mind. A way of finding relaxation is to display images in a vision Board for 10 minutes in the morning. 3 prints an emotional impact to your desire or realization of goal or dream. The most advisable techniques are the autosuggestion, meditation, hypnosis, etc.

Also subconscious mental reprogramming techniques. You can also impress the subconscious with a situation of emotional charge associated with your desire or goal with corporeal pleasurable sensations to impress your subconscious. Expresses positive words of your desire or goal and ask the universe, feel the power of the word within yourself. 4. do not hesitate for an instant of the power of the law of attraction that unit to express your deseeos, don\’t complain about only create and dominates this law.

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