The Essential

While acknowledging that thirst, that is a fact, responds to the intrinsic necessity in the human being to find a sense. Even in the most outrageous and most blind pragmatism underlying a human thirst by, say, transcendence, the subsequent sense of things and events, the reach and value last of the existence. There, alert, although the question is not the best method, already it is important, as a principle, awareness of the essential indigence and intellectual perplexity. Know that we don\’t know already is willingness to enter the adventure of wisdom. And recognize that we are not as we should or as we suspect that we are, it is already good door to become.

What must always be taken into account is that all what we consider limits and flaws from our existence is not a detriment of reality, but a honda underline and deep reality, which is always more real than the reality that limits us. With patience, and, of course, with modesty, although not without some healthy pride, I will try to give some light to these unfathomable questions and, in doing so, I again refer to my inescapable experience. And, better, to the excitement of my experience, rather than Ana, and, thus, safe, who approached me over to the universal. Some day, no matter when or how, in a certain streak of my life, sitting in armchair, I realized, I realised – because some event or own saturation, the tedium or boredom, I desaletargo-, that long ago that did not calm, which for a long time that I didn\’t speak with me. Studies, sport, music, family work, the couple relationship, friends, fun had wrapped me in a centrifugal dynamics. I was always active. Always looking and speaking out. Me di account that had stopped writing, my poetry, my thoughts had left meditate, contemplate, talk to the transcendent, to hear the inner voice I realized that had lost inner life.

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