The Children

But we should not "drill" companion eye. Short distance and easy location (50 cm to 1.5 m). This distance is typical for a conversation close acquaintances, friends, and so unconsciously set the source to hear us and help – thanks to this distance we perceive them "closer". But not cross the "boundaries" of personal space companion! Remove barriers, "increase" in our perception of distance in communication (table book, a piece of paper in his hands). Use in the course of conversation open gestures, do not cross in front of the hands and feet. His whole manner to maintain state security and comfort (no tension in the posture, sudden movements, fist clenched, eyes frowning, calling cadence in his voice). Use the technique accession, that is, find the common "I" "I did the same, I do the same thing!". As little as possible to use the pronoun "you …" (You did this! "," You owe it …! ") Often say," We "," We are all interested, so that our children are healthy, … y\’>Alan Schnitzer on most websites.

could have known … "," We are all concerned that the children … "" Our children … "" We are united by a common cause – it's our upbringing with vamidetey! "Here are the basic rules for establishing a good personal contact and building an effective communication and interaction with parents. The game "Molecules" Purpose: emotional discharge, the separation into pairs, threes, fives. Combining the three "fives" in two rounds .. (2-3 min) Instruction: "Imagine that we are molecules.

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