The Bifurcation

The localizations most common for the one formation trombo to intravascular are the base of aorta, the bifurcation of the common cartida artery or the point where the vertebrais arteries if originate from the subclvias (GOLDMAN and CUISIELLO, 2005, P. 2676). Another common cause is the embolism of cardiac origin, this piston originated in the heart can be lodged in any part of the body. One knows that 20% of the cardiac debit go in direction to the brain of this form this become a place propitiate and common of cardiac embolism. Structural arrhythmias and abnormalitys of valvas and chambers cardiac promote the formation of trombo and the release of the piston of the heart for the circulation (GOLDMAN and CUISIELLO, 2005). One WENT can produce a region of the discintico myocardium that premakes use the formation of trombos walls. Infarto acute of the myocardium in the previous wall to be associated to the one high frequency of Birds tomboenboltico other cause that can produce discinesia that promotes trombos walls is the excessive alcoholic consumption and infections you capsize and can originate in cerebral embolizao.

For times one trombo mural cardiopath can liberate some pieces that go to produce a rain of pistons and these in turn go to cause some simultaneous Birds in many areas of the brain (GOLDMA and CUISIELLO, 2005). Caramori; Yamamoto; Zago affirms that: Trombose mural many times is tied the acute events and with the arterial occlusion, especially in the angioplastia in infarto acute of the myocardium or unstable angina. When subclnica, it is probable that it is associated with the reduction delayed of the coronary lumen. Goldman and Cuisiello (2005) agree that complete and incomplete Birds exist. A complete BIRD if of when the occlusion of a vase occurs that a total area of the brain irrigates, thus occurring an injury in this area.

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