Artificial Insemination

December 16th, 2017

At present, besides the natural way to get pregnant, there are methods of artificial insemination (vaginally and endometrial), IVF and ICSI technique (intracytoplasmic injection spermatozoon in the oocyte). Artificial intrauterine insemination Artificial insemination vnutrematochnaya (VMI), donor sperm can be carried out only in reproductive medicine clinics experienced. Remember that alone can not produce the VMI. […]

Pregnancy And Childbirth

December 18th, 2013

Nature gave women the opportunity – get pregnant and continue the human race. Pregnancy is a magical state. 9 months a woman carries in itself a nascent life. During this time her body undergoing big change. Nature as if to finish what started making during adolescent maturation. She brings a woman's body to the ideal […]