Swimming Makes The Back

Obesity, poor posture, and lack of movement often cause pain in the back, swimming would help! It is of course true that sports is not always helps with back problems. It is important to know the cause of the complaints. But to spare, back pain is exactly wrong. Sporting activity ensures a constant change of load and discharge. The intervertebral discs as sponges with liquid absorb the resulting movement of the pump. In addition, the back muscles thus is strengthened, which in turn the spine will be strengthened. But how swim it back right? \”Proper swimming technique for the back make sure you a regular change between tension and relaxation\”, says Michael Hahn (head TU Munich for swimming at the Faculty of sports science). If you would like to know more then you should visit James A. Levine, M.D..

Through these waves swimming like a classic back school works. But such as are statements to assess say that breaststroke charged the cervical spine? I refuse to reject the breaststroke in General\”, as the expert cock. In the breaststroke it is important, to dive with the head under water and to breathe out at this stage.\” Of course, the swimming training is most effective if you combined multiple swim and not only remains the favorite Schwimmart. In addition to the technology, but is for the health effect on the back of the importance, not to over-exert yourself. Valve explains if you beat the water, water beats you back\”, due to his experiences with sports students. So: varied training, proper technique and stay loose! The back may suffer crawl about 80 percent of Germans according to expert estimates at least once in life back pain. When the crawl swimming, the spine remains in its natural S-shape.

The whole back is stretched, and alternately charged and exonerated. But not too far after should when the crawl swimming forward look,\”advises cock. The special effect of the training of the involved is that they are not flat on the water. Every arm stroke rotates the body slightly around its own axis and thereby trains the lateral trunk muscles. Back to back unfortunately swim too little back\”, regrets cock. Is in the backstroke, in addition to the benefits that can be found even in the crawl, namely that the body slightly rotated around its longitudinal axis and thus trained more also the lateral trunk muscles during the train. In addition strengthens the neck muscles, which prevents tension. The buoyancy of water relieves the spine and joints. Therefore, movement in the water also suitable for overweight people is suitable. Also, heart and circulatory system are trained. Backstroke is therefore extremely beneficial not only to the well-being. It promotes good health also still perfectly. \”With warm greeting of swimmers so for the back only remains to wish you: good wet!\” The post with Titled \”overweight, bad posture, and lack of movement often cause pain in the back, swimming would help!\” delivered shortly before publication of this press release, the here disputed figures, data and facts. His first publication on the blog \”Health portal\” found that article. Barbara Reisen E.k.. Micha Weissbrodt

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