Successful Balancing Act Between Price And Performance

HISTORIK HOTELS: interview with hotelier Hardy R. Voges of as many of his colleagues also Hardy R. Voges has opted for a membership at HISTORIK HOTELS. The 56-year-old was two years new owner of the Park Hotel mountain straws in Hildesheim, Germany. The 4-star hotel can look back on a history of about 300 years.

Previously the hotel business was responsible over 14 years as a managing partner for the Gunnewig hotels. We talked with him about living in the historic ambience, the chances of an effective partnership in the highly competitive hotel market and building a target group-oriented marketing platform. There are countless hotel cooperations. Why did you decide precisely HOTELS for history? Hardy R. Voges: Because this marketing platform to guests is addressed, that are interested in building historic buildings and want to dwell there gladly on time.

This is a small but nice clientele. But also in this area, there are already appropriate offers. Hardy R. Voges: This is right. But you have to pay a lot of money in the existing hotel cooperations as a member. In history, the other is HOTELS. Here are price and performance in an excellent ratio. So this is about the price again? Hardy R. Voges: A cheaper price is not everything. I see this Internet platform first and foremost as a marketing instrument, which previously did not exist in this form. What are the advantages? Hardy R. Voges: All member establishments are hotels, inns or restaurants with face and a personal touch, which all have an individual history. And therein lies the appeal. There are many potential guests who would prefer this type of hotels and spend their free time there. A chance for the industry. What are the chances for HISTORIK HOTELS in an always complex hotel market? Hardy R. Voges: With this offer the operator can stand out against hotel with a historic ambience from the competition. Furthermore, I see clear benefits for the guests, the the Use Internet platform as successful guidance for your next hotel stay. For example today in the Park Hotel mountain straws in Hildesheim lives would tomorrow maybe stay in the Gunnewig Hotel Chemnitzer Hof in Chemnitz, in the Hotel Viktoria in Cologne. Otherwise they would have to Scrabble through the confusing offer in the Internet. It cost time and nerves. It is not to the search, but to the be found. And because this Internet platform is winning. HISTORIK HOTELS has also the makings of a booking portal? Hardy R. Voges: definitely. There are hotel booking portals like sand on the sea. And all have the same purpose: pull the hotelier, up to 15% Commission per booking from the bag. With its own marketing platform can members save these costs and they lead to more meaningful investments. Run a business hotel with the mountain matchsticks. What HOTELS do you have membership in history? Hardy R. Voges: During the week we speak actually primarily business travellers and Seminar participants. We do therefore a tourist offer on weekends for people, who enjoy the special flair of historical buildings. And from Hildesheim, Germany has a lot to offer. Of our membership we hope to see more supply on the weekend. Information:

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