Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceilings are practical, durable and beautiful product. Repeatedly reinforced ceilings, glossy film enables you to visually increase the height of absolutely any room. In addition, the mounting profile made of plastic is not exposed to oxidation at any wet areas, and to appropriately smooth over all the big and small irregularities of the walls, firmly holding the film. The service life of the decorative film is about 15-25 years … just a few hours you can, without much noise and dust, to make any desired ceiling into a work of art. More than 80 colors of the film can satisfy all your desires and fantasies. Main advantages over conventional suspended ceilings: Stretch ceilings can hide all the great unevenness, roughness, and bends, cracks in ceilings, and effectively solve old problems associated with the shedding of old plaster. This remarkable property of stretch ceilings is a major priority for the residents of modern prefabricated homes.

However, in doroguschy luxury flats like 'ceiling inconsistencies' are very often. Correct suspended ceiling 'takes' 2-3 cm in height space, however, due to its exceptionally perfectly smooth surface, the ceiling can visually increase the amount of any room. Stretch ceilings are not property to accumulate condensation and static electricity, they do not absorb fat and soot coming from the kitchen stove, to stretch ceilings dust clings with great difficulty. Such remarkable properties of stretch ceilings are even practical, and allow qualified builders to install these ceilings are not only in the office or in a residential area, but also in the bathroom or even in swimming pools. They also have advantages: a stretch ceiling is very easy look, it can be completely washed plain soap or any detergent … Stretch ceiling is often a real 'highlight' of the interior, it is usually fairly harmoniously fits into the overall design of the room. K Besides, you have a wonderful opportunity for experiments on light and space itself, ie you can mount yourself in suspended ceilings optional headset: beautiful lighting, fans … Safety is also guaranteed, because the ceilings are fire resistant and not prone to fire.

They also differ in their environmental performance – never emit harmful volatile substances (as in ADI), allergens, have absolutely no smell and they do not accumulate condensation. Sound absorption and good thermal insulation – suspended ceiling increases the thermal insulation absolutely any room thanks to its unique integrity; in They have excellent sound absorption, which makes comfort and convenience of your room … As for the ceiling of the film, which is specially stretched on the main ceiling coverings, and which masks all its flaws, then here the result is obvious: bumps, cosmetic defects are removed most ruthless manner. In addition, virtually all suspended ceilings are beautiful for their extraordinary beauty: they can either make the starry sky, or blue sky with white clouds, draw pictures, etc. As a general rule, any suspended ceiling in the structure has a soft thermoplastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or polyester fabric, which is thoroughly impregnated with a special polyurethane, of course, there is also mounting profile (baguette). These ceilings are interested in anyone with his exceptional strength and water resistance.

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