Social Security Life

& nbsp; & nb sp; & nbsp; & nbsp; President of PERU ALAN GARCIA & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; A LETTER THAT IS STILL WAITING FOR ANSWER! Mr President, these letters I have collected them from the unexpected puddle of misfortune, will distinguish some tears between the syllables hope are already the last! Lord knows you There are Peruvians filled with optimism, men, women, young people and children, who can find them in the service of transplantation and surgery of liver of the Hospital Guillermo Almenara of ESSALUD in Lima, who despite being wounded death in that immense and noble organ called liver, attend their joy-filled medical checks, hoping that someday get a liver and do the transplant that save them from inevitable death and are not few achieveyou know You are thousands of patients who have only this! Know you that we are dealing with one of the last places in America and the world, in transplant surgery although been pioneers in the Latin America\’s Social Security, despite having one a great skill, inherited from the Vicus of the Tallan, Moche and other cultures, although that we count with an elite group of professionals trained, directed by Dr. Jose Carlos shaman however this equipment look saddened as the statistics and percentages continue to decline, as lamps, follow turned off monitorsdefibrillators, anesthesia machine, as sophisticated instruments rests in the showcases, as the scalpel blade is sealed, as the sheets are boring and bent in wardrobes, as the adrenaline this boring in the glands of surgeons and not oozing from their pores. Mr President: in our country, there is a wide range of laws concerning organ donation and transplants without life!, inert letters that are insulting to the thousands who are dying, well said Aristotle that before good laws preferred good men in the State. Mr President start you A major campaign at the national level in favour of the donation of organs, this will mean more transplants, less dead, more life thousands thank you, same as the Teleton Lord, have you The greatness of stay in history and direct a massive and effective campaign, defeat you Breasts warm and deep, defeat the indifference, shake the cobwebs of tissue silent of the spirit – as said Hegel – Ruga with the strength of the Tigers!, Brame with the strength of the bulls!, put your verb and oratory at the service of life!, shake the hands of the terminally ill who are hungry for life, claiming donations that do not reach!, don\’t have advisers who tell you this outcry?..

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