Sleep Well

Sleep is known to be the most significant, recurring daily regeneration opportunity for body and mind. However, who does not know this: stress at work, concerns with the children, housework in the evenings, in addition infinity many errands that need to be done in the next twenty-four hours. If you go after exhausted into bed, not necessary, peaceful sleep comes often. Instead take thoughts swirl, nervousness and resulting wakefulness surpasses the nocturnal hours. On the following day you will feel exhausted and this lack of energy makes all day long to create one. Ayurveda recommends some suitable tips and practical applications that can be easily integrated into everyday life. Help before going to bed, to shut down the nervous system, to sort the thoughts and thus to accelerate the sleep: light meal in the evening promises a more relaxing sleep prevent you late hard to digest food, such as meat, fried milk products or Eggs.

It is pointed out that food at night easily digestible and not affecting the functions of the body should be consumed, which include vegetables, rice or pasta, steamed vegetables, soups, as well as any types of meal – and porridge. Because animal proteins are difficult to digest a crafted primarily vegan diet would be ideal in the evening to start easily in the night. In Germany, one an hour says sleep before midnight is better than two after that\”not too go to bed! The teaching of Ayurveda in favour of, based on biorhythmic influences on the body, a night\’s sleep before 10: 00. You know that determines when to feel is between 21 and 22 Uhr(Kapha Zeit) a light, natural exhaustion and the desire for sleep is strong. After this kapha, time, however, begins an active period of new an(Pitta Zeit). Even if they already should have got accustomed to a future rhythm, you test whether an earlier Bed time has a positive effect on the quality of sleep and on their balance. No caffeine from 13: 00! Coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and Lattes, as well as black and green tea stimulate significantly due to its high caffeine content and may cause still encouraging lasting in susceptible individuals, which worsens the nocturnal silence.

Fragrances and oils help to download aromatic scents or one to two drops of aromatic oil on the pillow create a quiet and serene atmosphere in your bedroom, where you can feel comfortable. Better no cold feet is getting it in the cooler times of the year or if they have basically quickly chilly feet, foot massages are very suitable in the evening to relax the nervous system and to stimulate the blood circulation in the feet. For the vata oil or even mature Sesame or almond oil is ideal. The day behind can take their free up hours in the evening to you with enjoyable activities such as reading, music listening. Go for a walk, work in the garden, Pilates or creative works, such as, for example, painting to fill. Before they lie to sleep, make them comfortable in their bed and formulate some sentences about what moves them and what matters should take care of it the following day. So they avoid these thoughts disturb her sleep. It is essential to let the mind maelstrom of the day go and opportunity to create felt his self. Good night and sweet dreams!

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