Nearing 1 September – Knowledge Day, a holiday first call to schools and high schools, a time when after a long summer vacation begins new school year in high school. Few people know that this tradition originated in the year 325, when Emperor Constantine the Great first day of fall has been declared the beginning of the ecclesiastical new year. And as if all schools were organized in churches, children started to learn it on September 1. Even after being in Russia, Peter I suffered a New Year celebrations on January 1, opening day of the study remained unchanged. And in 1984 September 1 was officially declared the Day of Knowledge. This event, looking forward to the future first-graders: they hear a school bell the first time. High school senior anxiously meet on Sept. 1, when the walls of the school where they learned and matured, will be opening their last academic year.

Whatever the students in whatever class they may be passed as a Whatever belongs to the educational process, the Day of knowledge by any of them is perceived as a holiday. White bows on their heads, girls, strict elegant suits for boys and a sea of flowers that the children are a gift to their teachers – for They each September 1 is also one of the most important events in life. This sets up all day on hard and interesting work during the school year, however, and students and their parents perceived as a holiday.

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