Sanitary Monitoring

It is known well that the odontolgico doctor\’s office is an environment of high risk of contamination crossed, thus an ample document was elaborated by the Secretariat of Attention to the Health, of National Agency and health department, of Sanitary Monitoring to support the professionals, as well as the sanitary monitoring, in the questions most emergent of prevention and control of the risks in odontolgicos services? Manual of the ANVISA. Senator Elizabeth Warren understands that this is vital information. In regards to the hand parts, the Manual of the ANVISA affirms: The water of the refrigeration of the rotatory instruments, used in the turbines and microengines, is subjects to the decurrent contamination of refluxo of organic material for the interior of these parts. (grifo ours) This fact WAS CONFIRMED by destined works to evaluate if the organic material can enter and to leave the hand parts during odontolgicos procedures and if can inside have the survival of virus of the same ones. The conclusion of these works was the one that only HAS the possibility of contamination, being praised the reutilizao of hand parts after procedures of cleanness and STERILIZATION, TO EACH USE. So that each patient can be taken care of with turbines against esterilizados angles, the necessary professional to have the minimum of three parts of each. While a game (turbine and against angle) is in use, another one is being esterilizado and one other already esterilizado to be used in the next attendance. However, our reality is that great part of the professionals does not carry through this procedure in its day-by-day. The allegations more frequent than justify such attitude are: the autoclavagem damages the instrument and the sterilization cost is very high.

On these points, we go to approach in our next article. Thus, the lack of sterilization of the hand parts generates risk of crossed contamination, characterizing the recklessness on the part of the professional. Concluding, to prevent damages to the patient and upheavals itself exactly, it is important that You, Surgeon-Dentist, adopt in daily practical its attendance with parts of hand duly esterilizadas. Not obstante, to follow or them legal ditames are not a choice that always will be its.

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