Saint Antonio

The functions are being played to reach the expectations politics and socioeconmicas of the capital, being looked for to define in terms organization, organization charts and statistical graphs of its growth for etria band, tax of natality, income/job, housing and agricultural immigration of the cities of the State and other States neighboring circles. Five quarters ones of oldest had been evaluated for this stage and later it will be continued the related evaluation of excessively until finishing the 37 quarters of the city of Aracaju. The main purpose of the research is to evaluate the population growth of the capital, of form that it helps to reach the knowledge and to understand as to improve the landscape, infrastructure and socioeconmica of Aracaju. In this process it comes being done strategies on the planejamentos and the basic rules for formularization of questionnaire and its application in developed field the first moment. 2.1.2 Characterization of the field strategies the definition of the field strategy initiated with the indication of five quarters: Surgery, Siqueira Fields, Saint Antonio, Industrial and Santos Dumont one of oldest, for this period of learning period, we trace the orientation routes better to understand visually present the population growth in the city. The door-door research this being a productive experience and learning day-by-day, propitiating ampler qualification of the work. This means to know until period 2007, the speed of the population growth of the same capital finding order problems operational politics and socioeconmica that had occurred. The surveys of the analyzed data had occurred in the following ones periods: 31/05/2009, 06, 11 and 14/06/2009, had been tabulated giving continuity to the too much quarters in the next stages. The population urban evolution of Aracaju that if gave in last the ten years was in virtue of the improvement of the life conditions, what it resulted in a sped up growth.

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