Safety in Playgrounds

When designing and building the playground is very important to take into account the age range of users and purpose of the site. It is very important as the selection and installation, and the choice of the coating. The most affordable coatings for children's playgrounds today are covering made of natural materials: coarse sand or gravel chippings, natural turf. Despite the apparent "simplicity" and the availability of such coatings have several drawbacks. For example, sand and gravel – spreads, clogging of shoes (hardly injury-), dusty (s), time (very fast), loses its appeal, needs an upgrade replacement; turf – is subject to seasonality, treads (which makes the surface uneven and a playground for children playing travmoopasno), fade, require constant updates as often, and replace. These shortcomings contradict the basic idea of organizing children's playgrounds: coverage area should be protected from injury in a fall always be dry, clean, comfortable and attractive. An alternative to natural materials for device playground are artificial covering. They are most often used today in the construction of D / n.

These include: Regupol and artificial turf. Rubber covers are used for construction playgrounds in places of recreation, organized around supermarkets, catering, shopping centers, according to European standards, must have a minimum thickness of 35 mm. These coatings can be permeable and waterproof, but they must have operational simplicity and ease of care. More recently, there was a tendency of using artificial turf for the device playgrounds. Today, such coatings are perhaps the most expensive, but those features (except for customary and mandatory) that they possess, making them increasingly popular.

At construction of the playground, where the choice made in favor of coverage of artificial grass can be used as artificial grass Sediment and nezasypnuyu. Technical characteristics of such coatings is not significantly differ from each other, so the deciding factor here is the purpose of the use of the site and age categories. For example, in the playground for children of preschool age (because of their unusual interest in the various small parts of) more appropriate and safer to use nezasypnuyu artificial grass. For older children, whose games are more agile and extreme, artificial turf covered with (Uniformly) crumb – is the best solution. And one very important advantage of artificial surfaces for playgrounds, they are easy to care and maintenance, all-season and last. And they are significantly prolong life gaming playgrounds, retaining their aesthetic appeal for a long time, even in constant operation.

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