Rose World

The tragicidade in the story ' ' A Rose for Emily' ' Jonath Marques de Abreu Compreendemos that the tragedy is a dramatical form that has for purpose to excite the terror and the mercy to the point to get the release of such emotions. Leaving of this concept we can say that the story ' ' A Rose for Emily' ' it possesss characteristics of a tragic text. In this story we find, for example, the tragic irony, the peripcia, hubris, the tragic imperfection, catarse and catastrophe, that in general are all elements of a tragic text. To the one coming across in them with this story for the first time, then we observe that the order of the events is displayed in way ' ' decrescente' ' , where the moments are seen as scenes that play the role to show the point of view of a society. The choir, therefore, will have the function to comment such actions and to make the bridge between the events and consequentemente to display our heroine tragic. Miss Emily, as the tragic hero, lives between two opposing forces: the ethos, that in the case are its proper character, and daimon (destination), and if put into motion in also tragic world, in which if it finds the organization social and legal caracterizadora of the time. The world that it lives now is not more the world of its father, divided in classrooms of the north and sulistas. The yankees now occupy the same place that dixies, however Miss Emily if denies to leave its world, living recruza in its particular space where the woman is had as basic force: It was a squared, wooden, long ago white large house. Decorated of cupolas, arrows, of balconies, in the style heavily trifler of the time of 1870, situated one in the street that already had been most distinct of the city.

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