Rich Via Crucis

The theories of evolution after Darwin assumed a dynamic of divergences. Two species can be derived from one in common; Occasionally, these variations can disappear either gradual or abrupt, but two species are never ending coming together in one. There is no miscegenation, but within the same species. In the long run, a hen and a man are descendants, distant relatives of some reptile and each means a successful response from the life in their struggle for survival. Diversity is the way in which life expands and adapts to the various means and conditions. Diversity and life are synonyms for the biosphere. Vital processes tend to diversity but at the same time are the expression of a unit, the biosphere, Gaia, the exuberance of life in permanent struggle to survive his own miracle in hostile environments.

For the same reason the cultural diversity is a condition for the life of humanity. That is to say, and although it could be one sufficient reason, diversity is not only limited to avoid the boredom of the monotony but In addition, it is part of our vital survival as humanity. However, humans have been the only species that has replaced the natural and discrete loss of species by an artificial and threatening extermination, industrial predation and pollution of consumerism. Those that we hold a possible but not inevitable progress of history based on the knowledge and the exercise of the igual-libertad, we can see that humanity, as many times put in danger of extinction by itself, has made some progress which has allowed him to survive and coexist with its growing muscle strength. And still, nothing good we have added to the rest of nature. In many respects, perhaps in this natural process of trial and error, we have gone back or our mistakes have become exponentially hazardous. Consumerism is one of those mistakes.

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