Recreation Complex

Adult participants of the program is not forbidden to smoke a peace pipe, however, it is not necessary. The boys love all kinds of battles, car chases, shoot, because so want to feel like a hero blockbuster! The result – downed elbows and clothing in the dirt, and house over it gets from the parents. But it is in "Bekasovo" children can realize their desire to completely fearless: Paintball and provides clothing and goggles, and specially designated areas where you can play without disturbing anyone. But then her eyes shine like the boys plenty of incoming from the green grass and experience the sweetness of victory! Fans of science fiction and star wars, dreams of becoming navigators intergalactic ships will be able to try their hand at "The Centre prepared the astronauts." Vestibular training will help to cope with the difficulties in conditions of weightlessness, and the battle with UFOs will demonstrate the accuracy, agility and reaction speed. In addition to active play outdoors, children can test their erudition, participating in the game "Brain Ring" demonstrate knowledge of music in the "Guess the melody" or reveal their hidden talents in "Star Factory". Adults can safely be included in command of the younger generation – after all these fun left unforgettable experience and provide a powerful supply of energy.

But if they decide to give yourself some time, Recreation "Bekasovo" provides plenty of opportunities to do so. SPA-center offers customized programs recovery taking into account peculiarities of each individual guest. Turkish bath or sauna, jacuzzi and air bubbles cool pool water will help to relax and find inner harmony. In just a few days, you can try a lot of useful and very pleasant procedure: a variety of soul, chrome, stone therapy and thalasso, spa baths, massage, and then completely turn away from the world of relaxation room. For you services provided by first class masters right in the recreation center. Visit the cosmetic cabinet, solarium will help you look worse than after a trip to Egypt and the Maldives.

Classes at the gym allow you to stay in good physical shape and in the holiday period. To support muscle tone will help a gym, pool, water aerobics. In the evenings, after putting the kids to bed, parents can relax completely "grown-up": Several times a week, dance-club "Mystery" offers incendiary parties with DJs and popular musical groups. At your service billiards, bowling, karaoke bar, friendly and pleasant and cozy leading atmosphere. Podmoskovny vacation is possible at any time of year. In winter it has its charm: ice skating, skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, contests for creating snow figures and entertainment on the premises. Early nice autumn stroll through the territory of the leisure complex, admiring the colorful leaves and inhaling the spicy air. Spring – watch the awakening of nature, to see just in front of green earth and covered with tree branches with leaves. In dry weather most of the time is best done outdoors, but bad weather in the street does not spoil your mood. It's so good to be together with family away from the cares and noise of the city, in a warm cozy room Recreation Complex or one of its halls. Photo-and video, as well as the services of experienced photographers and cameramen will help to capture one of the best of your vacation, so then when you get tired from hard work and domestic problems, see all together a photo album or video, to remember this feeling of a holiday weekend and on again to take off in the "Bekasovo"!

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