Quarrel Before Media

This interview follows as suggestion to be used in a posterior study, to be carried through with the professionals in question, and thus to contribute for the increase of the number of research in the country concerning the subject. In such a way deepening the knowledge of the factors that are closely on to the alimentary upheavals, we will be able to fight with more effectiveness the causes of the same, preventing to receive information saw media (televising, printed, virtual) of form completely layperson, making it difficult reflections. 4.0 – Results and Quarrel Before abiding in them by the data that will be presented, however, we would like to stand out the form as we analyze the media. We verify in some articles that although it to be one allied fort to the public opinion, this only becomes responsible for same, if the inserted one in a little reflective context, that is, in a society with poor instruments of basic education for formation of reflexivas minds. A priori media is not eliciadora of no riot, however, factor of development of any social process becomes, when it comes associated to the ignorance of the subject that communicates. This conscience of the paper of the media enters in quarrels educational politics, that does not compete in them arguing. However, it is important to display with clarity our position of entendedores of that the media speeds up the communication process, mainly today in a globalizado world, divulges what the society (macro and micron) wants to divulge, if it submits what the power wants to keep, but is, in the truth, only one consequence, one ' ' lens of aumento' ' of the society in which it is inserted. Findo this explanation, we come back to the quarrels concerning what we after find extensive literary search concerning the subject, more specifically in the nervous and bulimia anorexy (therefore both present similar pictures, even so the nervous anorexy are considered by all the professionals, most dangerous to the life of the citizen), In the practical one of the treatment with YOU, the involved professionals are: psychiatrist, psychologist, nutritionist and gastroenterologist.

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