Quality of Water

– To invigorate the control of the quality of the water. The water can be carrying of transmitting microorganisms of diseases that are contracted by the contaminated water ingestion, we will mention most well-known: typhoid, paratifoidea, disentera and hepatitis. Now already, he is urgent to undertake action at all the levels to palliate the disorder and ecological imbalance that is reflected, that is to say, in the nature in we ourself also, like intrinsic and participating part of the natural evolution. They are many years to mistreat to a living and complex organism like the planet earth. The hour has arrived to act.

Reading Want, I invite to you that you make an experiment of abstraction and concentration. I recommend to you that you put the emotions as fundamental ingredient and you see our planet – our house like an alive being with feelings, I invite to you that you make east experiment if the words of the article have not stimulated you for military man with a group or association to defend, to protect and to take care of this planet: you house. To only I ask you that you make empathy ponte in the place of the earth: it feels contamination in the water (polluting particles move by your body like the water of the shower; but they itch incessantly, and possible eruptions indicate that your cells die and the visual effects are ominous, gives fear to see that skin, you skin. Many organisms of different sizes also die of accelerated form or dangerous mutations in the called Earth skin are created biosphere, that as delicate skin as yours, and ten by certainly needs treatment. In principle to want it like your mother, for that reason has feminine name: EARTH. It collaborates, comuncate, it fights, it loves. It creates action motors: friendly, companions, relatives, etc If you know some political-to, or you are political-to raises your precedence in as difficult front as it is the policy. I recommend that any decision that does not happen through the filter of the sustainability of the ecosystem when an industrial project susceptible considers to be an environmental threat, that will mean that you are a bad politician, your capacity of analysis and I interest turn aside and a that is called inefficiency to him.

It reflects, if that is your case. Name of the author: Jaume Llad Sendra Data of autor/es: I am working next to my companion in a project of factories of half environmental education, independent systems of sustainable energy and courses of personal growth in a countryside of Catalonia. I have a page Web that has a quite ample amalgam of knowledge and that touches different means from the society and brings back to consciousness human. But we are creating a Web adapted to the new activity.

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