Psychiatric Hospital

The hearing starts and adentra the room the prisoner. The male defendant was one known sick mental of the city, nicknamed Xulipa. The judge makes the questions of custom and if he convinces that the case did not justify the maintenance of the arrest of the unhappy man. The magistrate asks to which age seeming of the promoter for the case. The representative of parquet if manifest I oppose the acquittal of the male defendant, affirming that the defendant was about a mental sick person, asking for its internment in the Psychiatric Hospital. The judge inquires plus some things to the Xulipa and decides that the man was normal.

While the notary prepared the act Xulipa if places of foot and asks to the judge if it could give cabeada in the wall. Which is the problem? The judge asked. He is that I am with a baita migraine, that only passes when I beat with the head in the wall, answers Xulipa. The male defendant runs one five meters and puts cachola in the concrete, chacoalhando it a little after that. Return and says: now I am bo. The judge still thus keeps the decision to free the poor man, but before some recommendations make it.

Xulita, I give attention, to free I go you under the commitment not to fight in the street, not to catch the things of the others, not to take beer, not to take jurubeba and not to take brandy. Xulipa looks at for the citizen seated in the chair highest and asks for pra to make a question. Doctor, and ' ' behind saco' ' I can take? The judge looks at for the promoter, who already knew the male defendant of long date, waiting a commentary. Therefore he is, Xulipa is normal and I am that I am crazy. She is calm Excellency, ' ' behind saco' ' it is the name of a burning hot water.

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