Psicossocial Attention One

Where the first point to be analyzed is the distribution of the actions in the seio of the units, and in ours specific case of the units of psicoteraputico attendance. 4,2 SPROUTING AND ESTRUTURAO OF THE CENTERS OF ATTENDANCE PSICOSSOCIAL CAPS With little more than two decades of creation the Centers of Ateno Psicossocial (CAPS) consist of referenciais models in the shelter of patients with mental upheavals. The first unit of Brazil was inaugurated in March of 1986, in the city of So Paulo: Center of Psicossocial Attention Professor Luiz of the Cerqueira Rock, known as CAPS of the Street Itapeva. The creation of this CAPS and of as much others, with other names places, it was one part intense movement social, initially of workers of mental health, that they searched the improvement of assistance in Brazil and denounced the precarious situation of the psychiatric hospitals, that still were the only one resource destined to the carrying users of mental upheavals. In this context, the services of mental health appear in some cities of the country and go if consolidating as efficient devices in the reduction of internments and the change of the assistencial model. The NAPS/CAPS had been created officially from Portaria GM 224/92 and were defined as \’ \’ regionalizadas local units of health/that they count with one population adscrita defined for level place that they offer attendance of intermediate cares between the ambulatorial regimen and the hospital internment, in one or two turns of four hours, for team multiprofissional\’ \’.

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