Considering, specifically, the adhesion in mental health, knows that the imperfection in the tack is one of main determinative of the prognostic, increasing significantly the fallen again possibility of, reverse speed-hospitalization and the duration of the readmissions (CASPER and REGAN, 1993). We also know that, how much surtos greater the loss in the psychic functions of the patient (DAVIS and ANDRIUKAITIS, 1986). The Prophylaxis with antipsychotics is comprovadamente efficient, reducing in significant way the number of new surtos and the intensity of them (WYATT, 1991) (PINK and ELKIS, 2007 (adapted)). The psicofarmacoterapia, such are decisive factors for the tack as: positive therapeutical alliance; certain attitudes of the prescritor, as facilitated language, time excused for the consultation, acolhedor attendance, respect with the verbalizaes, questionings of the patients and motivation for the fulfilment of the therapy (MILK and VASCONCELOS, 2003 (adapted)); the prescritor must identify, accurately, if the patient is ingesting in agreement medication was prescribed to it; social and familiar support; financial questions; attitude stops with the treatment and the illness, acceptance or negation; knowledge on the proper illness and the neuropsicolgico functioning; to feel some I benefit with the used medication, enters others. DIFFICULTIES OF the ADHESION the presence of adverse effect associated to the use of psicofmacos is one of the main causes of abandonment of the treatment.

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