Potbellied ESF

The ACS had been operating in such a way in the formularization of the cronograma of activities as with the responsabilizao of the visits of orientation, support in the workshops, and planning of the actions. In the perspective to provide to learning and pleasure to the boarding of the subjects, it was used methodology of the problematizao in the search of the construction of knowledge based on the experience of each gestante, stimulaton of the thought how much its action and behaviors and applicability in the lived reality. One also used techniques as of focal group and the workshops. The resources videos and musics had contributed of significant form in the activities. Initially our pretension was to carry through the activities in a space yielded for the local church catholic, therefore it would allow the participation of other involved actors in the community but, due to difficulty of displacement and lack of collective transport, the meeting had been carried through in the conference room of the Potbellied ESF of the Anbal. The environment was harmonized with message of love, affection, fraternity, friendship. One used musics of deep, becoming the aconchegante and acolhedor place.

The necessary materials to the accomplishment of the activities had been supplied by the SMS of the City of Umburanas, enter these cartilhas of gestantes, notebook, paper work with wood, pilots, penxs, printed matters and etc. 7 had been carried through meetings in team in intention to identify which thematic they would be argued and related to the local context, and which the days and schedules compatible and favorable to the adhesion of the gestantes to the programming. It was arrived the consensus that would be basic the accomplishment of domiciliary visits for the ACS with objective to invite the gestantes to participate of the group and to clarify that the meeting would allow the exchange of experiences, the socialization of diverse involved questions in the gestacional period and the clarification of doubts concerning the childbirth, of breast-feeding and etc.

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