Postoperative Bioplastia

The bioplastia comes being looked for as the revolutionary technique, not invasive, that obtains to still more increase the beauty of the beauties of the cinema and the television, singers, singers, models and world-wide the social cupola. Through the insertion of microcannulas in deep the subdrmica region, microspheres of PMMA are infundem, a biocompatvel synthetic material, that will promote the survey of subdrmicas portions, and of the creation of fulfilling of rugas and imperfections, that will go to harmonize the face and the body of the patient, being standed out and developing the potential of beauty of each ndivduo that it carries through the bioplastia. However, the bioplastia, exactly being an invasive intervention minimum, can bring pleasant consequncias nothing its adepts, and, therefore, it becomes necessary that postoperative the surgical recommendations, daily pay and, are followed to the scratch, will prevent problems after the accomplishment of the procedure. Initially, the bioplastia, as any surgical procedure, it is set appointments with day and hourly fixture, and become fullfilled diverse examinations daily pay-operatrios for real evaluation of the conditions of health of the patient; being that only after this evaluation is that the plastic surgery could be programmed with the surgical team, being the procedure carried through in clinic or chosen hospital and that holds the surgery, being able or not to need internment of at least 12 hours, since the bioplastia procedure tends not to be delayed, and is carried through generally by saw ambulatorial, and high the hospital one, occurs, in the great majority of the times, in the same day of the surgery. The accomplishment of the surgery is initiated for the local anesthesia, and in some cases, it can have necessity of sedao, and for the posterior technique in itself, with the fulfilling of the places assigned for the patient, with composition PMMA through the insertion of subdrmicas microcannulas in the skin of the patient, that had not left marks or scars and that they do not need suture, using itself only micropore antialrgico to cover the pertuitos of the needle per two days. In postoperative from the bioplastia the patient one generally the surgery returns its house immediately after, being that, as said previously, had not the existence of cuts or points, only one esparadrapo is the sufficient to protect the microperforations in the skin; moreover, most common than it can occur in the recovery of the bioplastia are small signals of hematomas or light edema in the region submitted to the correction, that cold water compresses and the antiinflammatory analgesic use little disappear in more than 7 days, becoming fullfilled themselves and to improve these signals. The patient submitted to the bioplastia can return the same to its daily activities in day where she carried through the surgery, and the result is immediate, although that after one week, the signals that can appear as resqucios of the procedure, already will not exist, and the return to the doctor\’s office of the surgeon for evaluation of the final result will be given in one week.

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