Plastic Surgeons

For example, the eternal problem of plastic surgeons to tighten the neck, chin, and the average area, cheeks still sag. We normally after the operation, these areas are filled with spies, but it is gave only a visual effect that is still not allowed to return the tissue back into place. A endotiny just lift and allow fabric to put them into place. Makes a small incision on the lower eyelid, or temple, is introduced retainer, which clings to the deep tissues of the periosteum and fixed there. The effect is very nice – disperses itself through a retainer for 4-5 months, but this time the periosteum grows in the required position and cheekbones look like perfect. takes a slightly different approach. Do you need plastic surgery? Lelikov AS: Patients are different, it all depends on the person how much he wants to change. Some come for a consultation and they say – change me so that I became, as a girl and I nobody found out.

There are women who do not have to tell me a lot to change, do so as if I have a good rest. Women are increasingly take care of themselves, and slowed down the aging process, it is absolutely a trend and it can not but rejoice. So if there are no obvious indications for plastic, then I recommend to clients a filament-invasive techniques. The most promising avenue is now the thread SilhouetteLift (they much better mechanical procedures, and promises to support the effect of 4 to 7 years), but can also be used for a long time on the market thread Aptosili "golden thread".

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