ARROGANT people lately agree with personas with a prepotente attitude toward others: at work, between acquaintances, incluso, in the family. See more detailed opinions by reading what Senator Elizabeth Warren offers on the topic.. They tend to joke about – others without cuenta how can sit before your comments. His attitude is offensive to me and, in these cases, I always doubt between curb them or keep quiet and not pay attention to them. Marta Sucre Colombia estimated Marta: looking for answer you, we want to tell you about the ascertividad, a concept which is situated halfway between passivity and aggressiveness. The assertive attitude is one that defends the personales spaces without attacking the other and, at the same time, takes care of the relationship with the others without submitting to his will. Probably not you are respondiendo properly to these offenses because the opciones occurring you fall into either of these two extremes.

If you show indifference, your attitude is too passive and you debes continue to endure conductas causing you discomfort. In our view, you can not stay silent before this situacion, not only because you need to put a stop to attitudes that you dislike but also because not doing so probablemente it diminishes your self-esteem. However, if you react and stop them, you run the risk of damaging the relationship with people in your environment that you will need to follow compartiendo spaces and activities. To find an exit to your conflict, spent some tiempo to design an asertiva response to this situation. Recuerda: defend the personal sphere without invading the alien. One suggestion is that you openly expliques that certain comments generate you malestar and discomfort, asking, in a good way, they eviten them. Another option is to relativize their opinions using a very powerful weapon: the sense of humor, which do not solo you will alleviate but will also allow to send the message that you want with cordiality.

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