Pathogenic Bacteria

Nowadays, the amount of people is great who if feed ' ' it are of casa' ' is generally the lack of time and the haste make that to look them to ready foods in restaurants self-service even though and establishments of fast food. Had to this habit of the modern life the people nor always they are worried about the correct hygienic cleaning of the utensils used for feeding and the place where they are making its meals. With the objective to evaluate the sanitary hygiene of the restaurants of a Shopping Center de Ponta Thick, the collection of ten establishments of feeding was carried through to determine if the isolated bacteria are potentially pathogenic to the man and to determine the potential risk of the trays as vehicle of transmission of illnesses. After the collections, the samples had been directed for the Laboratory Clinical School of Analises Cescage (LEACC) where had been isolated the bacteria and after that taken to the Laboratory Pontagrossensse Clinical de Analises (LAPAC) for identification of the same ones. It was proceeded you analyze microbiological for identification of the bacteria. The growth of Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus was observed saprophyticus, Escherichia coli and Klebsiella ozaenae. The presence of these patogenos strengthens the necessity of correct hygienic cleaning of the form trays to prevent surtos of alimentary poisoning due to these microorganismos.ABSTRACTNowadays, there is large amount of people who eat ' ' away from home ' ' and is generally lack of teams and hurry you make them ready you look will be food self-service restaurants and even fast food outlets. Because of this habit of modern life people of not always worry about the correct cleaning of utensils used will be food and the place where they make to their meals. Aiming you assess the hygiene of the health of restaurants in shopping to center in Thick Tip, was collected from ten eating establishments you determines if the isolated bacterium ploughs potentially pathogenic you humans and you determines the potential risk of trays a vehicle will be disease transmission.

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