Packages Per Minute Weigh Dynamically

Bizerba presents the checkweigher CWE 1500 and the software _statistics.BRAIN at the IPACK IMA in 2009-Balingen/Milan, Italy April 2009 not only in times of economic crisis, accuracy in logistics management is an essential prerequisite in order to compete in the market. Whether at goods receipt, the production or at goods issue: no filling out economy enterprises can afford above or below portionierungen. Linings are prohibited by law, and in addition could harm the company\’s image. Even small trap can accumulate to considerable material losses. At IPACK-IMA 2009 the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen presents the checkweigher CWE 1500 and the software _statistics from 24 to 28 March 2009.BRAIN (Hall 2, booth CO2). Already at incoming goods staff using the static scale HR 5100 and the industrial terminal can perform ST spot checks. Production management centrally manages all relevant master data and sampling plans software _statistics.BRAIN. Too many quality characteristics, such as weight, are not met, the operator receives a warning message, the goods will be rejected.

In the production of the checkweigher CWE prevents 1500, that false weight packaging in circulation. He weighs and classifies up to 400 packages per minute – after freely defined or legally prescribed weight classes. Optionally, a detector can be integrated, which detects metallic impurities. Different weight or impurities, pusher excrete the faulty packaging according to specified criteria. The international food standard (IFS) prescribes that metal contaminated packaging not in same container may not like Fehlgewichtige, therefore we need two pushers and two tanks at this point,\”Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry explains solution market at Bizerba. The monitoring of control scale is very simple. All important information on controlling processes are represented on a color display in graphic and digital form. The production line can These data with _statistics.Evaluate BRAIN centrally and create long term statistics. Unacceptable deviations from the respective local staff can directly in the production process interfere, optimize it and reduce unnecessary rework and the Committee share.

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