Office Conversation

However, must be also the moment for your counterpart, you think so looking ahead. Timeliness refer you with feedback on possible current discourses. Discussions about past behavior is problem-oriented and offers no solutions. It also calls this torn from the context and conflict-rich. Action describe what you have perceived in the behavior, can reflect you descriptive. The effect and not the own interpretation about it should be made on the subject.

Behavior, man has a wide range of behaviors. These are changeable. Refer so in conversation on the behavior, make suggestions on how one can modify its behavior in certain situations. To criticize the person as a whole, is however inappropriate and provokes renewed potential for conflict. No claims even if the feedback shall you listen and accept your criticisms, this does not mean that this person so will change in behavior, as you can imagine it. So don\’t go with these expectations in the conversation, but leave it to your conversation partner which for his behaviour, he wears decision and consequences.

Backlash sure talking respond like your conversation partner on the hip. Criticism is perceived mostly emotionally, accordingly the backlash can be just as emotionally. Ask to prevent misunderstandings and other communication disorders. Against feedback would be possible. Be goal-oriented talk in the beginning clearly about your motivations and intentions of the conversation. Stay focused during the feedback on these objectives, to guide the conversation in the desired direction. Also keep in mind for the time being, which trigger feedback effects and processes on the opposite. Permanent and authentic to be all these rules need some practice. Therefore, communication agencies offer seminars conveyed as a competent negotiation can be learned. The communication technique of feedback are the people an opportunity to change their own behavior towards more health. With the examination of self-image and image, the people own behavior deficits as well opportunities become aware by means of this method of communication. This mirroring is driving forward the engagement with the self. Man integrated his findings in his everyday life, whether in the Office or at home, improved he not only its communicative competence, but his entire (release) image. Steffi Hare

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