Occupational Health Management

Health initiative HAWARD offers middle-class access to CSR strategy about BGM HAWARD, the initiative for corporate health management (BGM) in Germany, calls on companies to apply for the CSR programme \”Corporate social responsibility in SMEs\”. Background: Also projects of corporate health management can be submitted as important portion of CSR. A submission of expressions of interest can be made until June 30, 2011, at the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs (BMAS). From October 2011 the projects will make expected upon successful application at the start. Up to 80 percent of the cost can get a company depending on the size of CSR funding. The program was initiated by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs in cooperation with the European Social Fund. HAWARD, the initiative for BGM in Germany, supported the programme as an important contribution to the sustainable development of the company in the medium-sized businesses. Is the range of eligible projects far.

\”At the ESF funding, it says: the program designed thematically open so that interested companies can – use their respective topic itself depending on the appropriate action\”, so the Declaration. Against this background on the various CSR issues can projects in the framework of the programme, so also to the operational health management if they go beyond legal requirements.\” \”FAQ at compare the special programme: promoting is aimed also at educational institutions, when demand offering SME consultancy services, training or coaching activities\”. Consultancies can also apply for the funding, if they develop exemplary concepts for SMEs to the application-oriented implementation of CSR activities\”. (both: call for expressions of interest for the implementation of projects in the ESF federal programme \”Social responsibility in SMEs\” (CSR programme of the)) 08.03.2011, P. 3-4). health in the workplace is an important field within the CSR. BGM can develop companies to greater sustainability and strengthen their competitiveness,\”Sascha says Niessen, Director of the HAWARD of initiative offices.

Thanks to the promotion it is possible to realize their BGM project now also small and medium-sized companies with shrinking resources.\” Extensive information and services available are at. HAWARD\’s holistic approach from support, advice, training, information and the synergies of a large network of BGM to empower SMEs to understand BGM itself to develop and implement. But HAWARD supports not just CSR-starters. Companies with existing CSR strategy to expand their CSR expertise in the field of health over the BGM network: together with our cooperation partner TuV NORD offers the initiative since the spring of 2011 for the first time in Germany the certification According to the TuV NORD standard BGM addition HAWARD membership at. For these companies can register until August 31, 2011. See all certified HAWARD Member, the HAWARDs are awarded annually for the best BGM in several classes and categories. The gold awards an expert jury of scientists, health professionals, entrepreneurs and journalists on the first HAWARD Furstenberg Symposium Awards\”for corporate health management and the ceremony on November 30, 2011 in Hamburg.

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