Nursing Papers

Paper of the Nursing in the PCR the adequate assistance the PCR demands fast and harmonious action of the involved individuals in this situation, emphasizing the necessity of a well trained team, not only in the relative aspects to the isolated participation of each one of its integrant ones, but also in the action in team, with the purpose of being able to promote professional an performance joint and accomplishes, preventing decurrent upheavals of the disorganization and taking the attendance most effective (HISSES & PADILHA, 2001). The Nurses must be apt to give the basic support of life in cardiologia, as well as fulfilling the procedures of its ability (CINTRA, NISHIDE & NUNES, 2008). It consists of one of the papers of the nursing professional to know the sequence of the attendance, to keep certain level of tranquillity to be able to organize maneuvers of ventilation and circulation artificial and to congregate material and equipment necessary for this period are conditions essential for good team of nursing, mainly because it who remains the biggest time with the patient and, in the great majority of the times is, is who detects PCR (CINTRA, NISHIDE & NUNES, 2008). Of this form it is recommended to recycle the team of nursing in the execution of the maneuvers of the basic support of life (artificial ventilation and torcica compression) e, also, to have knowledge and domain of the existing content in the emergency car and manuscript of equipment (CINTRA, NISHIDE & NUNES, 2008). For Daniel et. al (2006), the update and training of the team must search in the RCP lines of direction and in the procedures and flows of attendance praised by the institution and the regularity of the training it must in accordance with be defined the characteristics of the atendimentos of emergencies of the institution. Training practical and simulations are strategies strong recommended for education continued in RCP Still for Cintra, Nishide& Nunes (2008), the maintenance, in the unit of internment, necessary substances and equipment for the attendance of any situation of emergency, especially PCR, is a factor that will allow fast and efficient performances.

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