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EP In the last 30 years has increased their incidence at world-wide level. The rate of mortality has lowered to 30% by the precocious diagnosis. The three basic pillars of the prevention happen through the fotoproteccin, the self-exploration and the annual visit to the dermatologist. The arrival of the summer remembers to us that the sun is a great enemy of the skin. Also the labelling and tests of solar protectors have made it the North American authorities when hardening. The past Monday the European Day of the Prevention of the Cancer of Skin was celebrated.

In the light of this celebration, a data: the skin cancer is the most frequent tumor in the young people among 25 and 29 years and the second in prevalence in which they have between 15 and 24 years. In addition, in the last 30 years it has increased his incidence at world-wide level and in all the groups of age of overwhelming form, with a progression that reaches numbers among the 3 and 8%, following the geographic zones and the characteristics of the population. Clear skin and many hours of sun the director of the Service of Cancer of Skin of Hospital USP San Camilo, Miguel Sanchez Would see, indicates that, although Spain is not the country with majors numbers of incidence, if that is placed " in the second group of countries with majors rates of prevalence along with some Mediterranean countries and the south of Europe and some states of the north of Amrica". This must " great amount of hours solares" that they are registered in the peninsula and to the type of skin of the population, that in many cases is clear and, therefore, " with smaller capacity of pigmentation and capacity of proteccin". Nevertheless and although the numbers of incidence are alarming, the rate of mortality has descended a 30%, had, in " great medida" , to the precocious diagnosis of the pathology. And it is that when the melanoma, that is the cutaneous tumor " more agresivo" , diagnostic in the initial stages the rate of treatment is of 95%. The three pillars the prevention, according to doctor Viera, happens through three fundamental pillars: the fotoproteccin, the self-exploration and the annual visit to dermatologist.

Whenever we are going to be exposed to the sun we must be protected: solar protector and hat or cap whenever he goes out himself during a prolonged time or work outdoors (one of the zones with greater predisposition to the development of cutaneous tumor is the auricular pavilion). To put sufficient cream protective. Due to perspiration, one evaporates. He advises himself to put every 2 or 3 hours protective and after each bath. He is recommendable to use a protector with FPS 50 in clear skins and FPS 30 in brown skins. It is necessary to go once a year to the dermatologist and, in case of types of more sensible skins (subtypes 1 and 2), of to have suffered cancer of skin or to have familiar antecedents of the same, twice to the year. Self-exploration. One is due to go to the specialist when they appear spots that persist and/or grow, and when those that were had they change of color or forms. Source of the news: The skin cancer is one of most frequent in the young people

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