Change of perspective or waste of money the postmodern will to power in the traditional medicine, which aims to eliminate unwanted symptoms, is like a wheel by an internal motor, an addiction tendency, constantly kept moving and increasingly accelerated. Wants to extricate itself from the one-sidedness of this power strategy, you must ally themselves with the power potential of the individual, with its own vitality. The change of perspective is that one is free of contradiction, with a collective, generally binding method that is in the algorithms of the conventional medical therapy approaches expressed, to heal an individual people. Healing requires an individual and any collective orientation. It follows the need of a Copernican revision of medical care! Because experience shows that a private patient care can be far individual as the kassenarztlich organized form of the medicine, the majority of the population must be supplied of private medical. The private Insurance can make then customized, consider the risk potential of individual agreements.

Only those who can\’t afford a private insurance should be insured at the expense of the taxpayer with a statutory health insurance fund. It takes only a single statutory health insurance, which avoids at the same time unnecessary costs of administration. The change of perspective means seems to make the current system on its head. One must assume, the present system has long been on the head and comes only through the Copernican revolution realistically on the feet. It has adopted in the 1970s by the socially binding collective way of life, as it, enabling the individual the own, liberal lifestyle.

Health care also must keep pace with this development, if she want to waste money. Collective management of the individual way of life means a structural deficit. The maintenance of such illusion is already invaluable. Read on this topic by the author: the homeopathic thinking – what is pseudo homeopathy? \”, Norderstedt, 2009 free excerpts: more information:\”

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