New Parents

And what a holiday "over"? Be him or not be -Up to you. Perhaps the wife is so encouraged by what happened, what she wants to share their feelings with others. That's great! Arrange a small triumph. Minimum noise and uproar, the maximum warm words and smiles. But do not let your favorite stand at the stove.

Prepare the feast itself. Cooking – clearly not your hobby? Reassign the banquet table grandmothers or order a meal in a restaurant. After several days of standby stop pop mom wants to rest be alone with a baby? Light dinner with your family will be very useful. Pick up the cup with herbal tea in tiny man who changed your life. Remember the day when you first learned that expecting a baby. Realize you are now parents. This is true happiness! Whether more will be. To raise a child to both parents.

Agree? Mom usually spends more energy on the baby than the father. Hence the constant lack of sleep, fatigue, irritability … Imagine yourself on a weekly auto-voyage: you are driving a twenty-four hours a day, eating and sleeping almost on the fly, on full rest can only dream … How you will feel at the end of my trip? .. Such feeling and your wife in the first months after the birth of son or daughter. After crumbs to feed often. In addition, some babies during wakefulness are willing to be a mother in her arms – and nothing else. You can not break the chain "feeding – motion sickness – treatment," but you can make some adjustments. So, at night shalt baby mama for feeding. Afternoon or evening after work, communicate with the crumbs, most take it in hand. Well, bathing, and does lay on his strong shoulders. An hour or two spent with the child – is a tangible aid favorite. Give her the opportunity to escape from the responsibilities of mothers and a little rest. You – my father. That sounds good! Very! But only provided that you fully justifies this high rank. Just called the Pope not need them to be! For real! We believe you just like that! We calculate your pregnancy – pregnancy calendar.

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