New Horizons In The Dominican Republic

Only 11 hours' flying time from the present otedlyaet you heaven on earth! Dominican Republic – mysterious exactly as much as charming. This is one of the few countries on this planet that can boast ideal conditions for human life! Pure ecology, cool summer – all year round. Huge selection of fruits and vegetables, seafood, beaches with white sand! What more can you ask for? Even on the approach you will be charmed the beauty of the Dominican Republic! Endless beaches, majestic mountains and waterfalls! All this attracts millions of tourists every year from different corner of the planet. Recently, more and more of our fellow citizens know about this beautiful country! Many of them come here several times, and eventually left for good. This is not surprising, because the softer immigration conditions than in the Dominican Republic does not exist! Post, at least, with the fact that Russian citizens do not need visas to enter the Dominican Republic! The whole challenge is to get to the Dominican Republic is to buy a plane ticket! And now, a ticket in your pocket. Tropical, alluring island is waiting for you! Hard to resist sablazna stay in this paradise forever. And if you suddenly could not overcome his desire, no problems with the registration of residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship you will not! The entire procedure takes 3 up to 6 months, is quite symbolic of money – around $ 1,000! For comparison, the neighboring island of Dominica in tune with the name of execution residence permit costs $ 40,000! Since the country is only in its infancy, you all options are open for business! Licensed only a few types of activities: casinos, pharmacy, architecture, law, security activity, the production of tobacco and alcohol! For all other types of You will need to work only Dominican company, and you own 100% of the shares alone! Welcome to the Dominican Republic! With the support of

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