New Cosmetic Skin Analysis

Cosmetic skin analysis, skin analysis, skin type determine cosmetic skin analysis for Hamm, we offer you woman and man on the following cosmetic skin analysis now also in Hamm. The new S.A.M.-T3 Analyzer applies the physics of ultraviolet (UV-A) fluorescence imaging to show the surface of their skin and deeper layers of the skin, for the purpose of the E.A.H.B discovery analysis handling and assessment that natural of light is the skin analysis device made to identify quickly hidden skin textures, in which the latest, scientific imaging techniques are applied. The science of UV Imaging is known for over 100 years and the S.A.M.-T3 is the sophisticated device of its kind due to its internal reflectors that effectively doubled the light! Differences between UV-A, UV-B and UV-C ultraviolet (lnm = nanometer = 1 thousand millionth of a meter.) UV-A = 320nm to 400nm wavelength = usually safe. UVA range from 320nm to 350nm wavelength = very safe. UV-A Range of 350nm to 400nm wavelength = \”Safer\” area for sun tanning.

UV-B = 280nm to 315nm wavelength = hazardous area for the suntan, sunburn risk. UV-C = 200nm to 280nm wavelength = kills germs and is dangerous. The S.A.M.-T3 used only completely safe UV-A light..

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