New Clientele

Eric Academy offers training to the core training instructor Lubeck, November 26, 2012 – core training not only since is trained the German national football team so everyone is talking about. The training for the Center\”offers special techniques to the core muscles of the abdomen, the back and the pelvic floor to train. In addition to the significant improvement, core training is the attitude, a visibly stronger back muscles, a recognizable flatter stomach, as well as a slimmer waist, at the same time an optimum supplement to other sports. Here the Eric Academy with its headquarters in Lubeck offers fitness coaches, physiotherapists and other athletic interested the zombie training core training instructor. Here the participants will learn how they can focus core, to optimize the training of their clients\”, explains Peter Duschek, owner and instructor of the Academy of Eric.

Because it is suitable both as a complete program, as well as additional training for other sports such as football, golf and tennis. For Personal trainer core training is a great way to expand your range of services and to open up this new clientele. The training will be held from Friday, February 1 until Sunday 3rd February 2013. The Academy responds to desire but also flexible to customer concerns. We train across Germany. From a group of four persons we also like to come to our local customers and find individual dates.\” More information can be found under: or directly at: training/training core-instructor.php applications are to be found under: registration/fortbildung_anmeldung.php through the Eric Academy the Eric Academy offers a versatile continuing education program in the fitness and health area. Thanks to a competent team of physicians, physiotherapists, sports scientists and fitness economists, it ensures intensive education and training at the highest level.

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