Natural Pleasures Offers A Healthy Christmas

Natural pleasures offers a healthy Christmas come to the kitchen professionals new concepts of fruit and vegetable natural pleasures offers a healthy Christmas Madrid, December 2010.-the natural pleasures marketer of fruit and vegetables from IV range, washed, peeled, cut and packaged for consumption or use in the kitchen by the professionals of the Horeca channel, launches a series products star specially designed for preparing Christmas dishes. In its line of reinventing the fruit and vegetables, and facing these Fiestas, natural delights to boost the consumption of these products fresh and 100% natural also at this time. Why not have a healthier Christmas? Natural pleasures offers catering and hospitality professionals cuts and references for the development of attractive recipes to taste in Christmas as, for example, tomatoes and courgettes empty, ready for any filling or preparation in the kitchen, or something so novel as it can be cut in different kinds of vegetable brunoise as peppers, onion or Leek. And as a Starter? As a healthy snack as crudites, a new product than natural pleasures has recently launched to the market. Crudites are a legacy of the French cuisine, where are made with vegetables or raw fruit, cut Julienne, and soaked in a vinaigrette sauce.

In Spain it is introducing gradually from us.UU., where vegetables are prepared cut into sticks and are accompanied by sauces, which can be of cheese, mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, mustard, etc. Natural pleasures offers a natural snack at base of canes of carrot and celery with cheese sauce, which is having a very good reception on the market, especially in consumers who already knew the product in other countries. In short, a bet to take as an aperitif among hour delicious and healthy, and that it will progressively incorporated on the shelves of modern restaurant chains such as the take-away and catering companies. In addition, in its catalogue you can find original ideas for desserts that can bring a touch of creativity in the table as carpaccio of pineapple, the melon balls, skewers of fruit or the containers of grapes with cheese. In short, a whole world of possibilities available to practitioners to present the fruit and vegetables in a tasty and different way these festivals. Natural pleasures Tel.

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