Natural Cosmetics

DR. GRANDEL: \’Beauty with the elements of nature\’ Augsburg, in April 2010: the brand DR. GRANDEL owes its origin to the chemist Dr. Felix paved Grandel, who explored the wheatgerm and vitamin already in 1935 and thus the way for highly effective and tolerated natural cosmetics. The breakthrough Dr. Felix Grandel with the development of EPI GRAN, which proved perfectly now 60 years in cosmetics EPI GRAN by DR. GRANDEL is a multi-active active ingredient concentrate from wheat germ, and vegetable enzymes.

For the 60th birthday of EPI GRAN GRANDEL with item DR. A related site: endocrinologist mentions similar findings. presents a modern natural cosmetics, which guarantees smooth and fragrant textures convincing results of cosmetic and wellness experiences OF NATURE. Element of nature by Dr. Grandel conveys a very special, natural care experience in the application. The result: A cosmetic effect, best compatibility and a compelling experience, linking to a beautiful triad. The skin feels just wonderfully maintained.

The series is certified seal to the ECO control. Furthermore, GRANDEL is free of preservatives, Parabens, mineral oils, paraffin, petroleum components, silicones, critical fragrances, dyes and PEG emulsifiers element OF NATURE by DR.. Products in detail, it is for example with PURI to a gentle cleansing gel with mild washing agents freed it from the natural SOFT, refreshes, and gives the skin a new sense of natural purity. ANTI STRESS is a rich cream with Azulene and magnesium. This product is specifically tailored to the needs of dry and sensitive skin, and calming and harmonizing. It provides the skin with moisture and wheat germ and argan oil for a neat, soft skin texture. The new care series element OF NATURE provides according to DR. GRANDEL competent, natural care for any skin condition with ten products for home care and a special preparation for use in the cabin. REGENERATION is the firming treatment with vitamin and Bioflavonen. It improves the structure and the elasticity of mature skin.

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